Food Services

Food Services prepares nutritious food for Calvary Christian Academy as well as Calvary Community Church in
accordance with the standards and guidelines of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and City of Hampton Food and
Nutrition Program. We desire to serve with a heart of faithfulness and excellence through hard work and maintaining flexibility and a teachable, submitted spirit.

Logistics Services

It is our purpose as Logistics Services to ensure all things are ready in support of special events and visits hosted
by C3. We will plan, organize, direct and manage special events and visits both on and off-site as given to us by the
administrative staff of the church. We will work in concert with and advise other C3 planning committees, fulfilling the vision of the house and serving with a spirit of excellence.

Security Team

The Security Team’s mission is to help facilitate the proper worship environment conducive to receiving the unadulterated Word of God. We accomplish this by providing a safe & secure environment whereby all can be free to worship without restraint or reservation.


Ushers are trusted men and women who handle many details of directing and serving God’s people during our fellowship times. We have been divinely set in the church according to I Corinthians 12:28. An usher’s purpose is to give support, assistance and to carry out the desires and instructions of our senior leadership.


Greeters are individuals who extend a warm and hearty welcome to all people who enter the doors of C3. Our purpose
is to share the love of God and be examples of God’s welcoming spirit to the body of Christ.

Web Team

It is the purpose of the Web Team to reach a broader audience through the Internet. With God first, will be an online community that will inform, educate & change the lives of its visitors & members by providing rich, clear and meaningful content online. C3’s website provides information that is accessible & beneficial at the click of a mouse. The Web Team also maintains informative web sites for Calvary Covenant Ministries, Inc. and Calvary Christian Academy.

Media Team

“Media is the method; the gospel is the message.” The purpose of Media Team is to enhance the worship experience
of C3 members and visitors through visual and sound technology. Always remembering, “Our members are who we
serve and Jesus Christ is why we serve,” throughout every venue of Media. The Media Team encompasses the Laptop
Operators, Video Camera Operators, Audio Equipment Operators & Recording Equipment Operators.

Information Desk

The mission of the Information Desk is to have a receptionist on duty, to provide general information and assistance to our members and visitors before and after Sunday worship services as well as special services.