Calvary Community Church is a church with an uncompromising commitment and dedication to evangelism. Our goal is to teach God’s people to experience the fullness of God for themselves. This has been the commitment of the church from its foundation. It began as a mere vision placed in the spirit of the late Bishop L. W. Francisco II, who had a passion for seeing souls saved for Jesus. He and his wife Naomi shared this vision. They stood side by side in agreement that multitudes would come to the knowledge of Christ as Lord and Savior.

While serving as Pastor of a small church in Newport News, VA, God gave the vision to the former Bishop Francisco to build in Hampton. Met by obstacles and hindrances, he pursued this vision fervently. God began to open doors that had been  closed and the property located at 925 Old Buckroe Road in Hampton became available. With the faith of Abraham, he and the congregation of Calvary Community Church were on a mission from God to take the city for Christ. The months turned into years. Meanwhile, the words of the prophet Habakkuk sounded loudly . . . “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2:3)

Finally, in July of 1985, the new church facility (Calvary Community Church) was dedicated to the Lord and opened. The former Bishop Francisco, along with a missionary group pioneered the work in Hampton. His eldest son, L. W. III, served as interim pastor of the Newport News congregation and became ordained in June of 1986. In November of 1987, the Lord placed a united vision upon the hearts of the late Bishop L. W. Francisco II and his eldest son, Pastor L. W. Francisco III, that the Newport News congregation and the Calvary Community congregations would merge and win the city for Christ. Under their leadership, the Calvary family increased dramatically.

Pastor L. W. Francisco III also owned a construction company before he became involved in the ministry on a full-time basis. He and his brother Steven, who also became an ordained minister serving under the leadership of his father, worked together. As general contractor of Francisco Construction, Pastor Francisco and his brother built new homes across the Peninsula area. During this time, Pastor L. W. III and his wife Natalie contemplated upon the idea of relinquishing the construction business in order to build lives rather than houses.

While attending a Pastor’s Conference in St. Louis, MO in August of 1990, Pastor L. W. III and Natalie were again presented with the same challenge, which seemed to be a clear mandate from God. The keynote speaker of one of the evening sessions abruptly interrupted his own sermon to give a “word of knowledge” as the Holy Spirit led him to do so. He poignantly proclaimed that God had a message for someone in the audience who was wondering whether he should pastor full-time. He said, “You preach faith, and you teach faith to your people, yet you don’t have enough faith to quit your job and launch out into the ministry. God doesn’t need any part-time preachers!” Needless to say, Pastor L. W. III and his wife made a conscious decision to enter full-time ministry in October of 1990.

In an effort to generate additional income in order to meet the fiscal needs of the church, Pastor L. W. III and Natalie researched the feasibility of establishing a day care program. After meeting the necessary codes and compliances established by the Virginia Department of Social Services as well as the City of Hampton, Calvary Community Child Care opened its doors to the children of the congregation and community. In April of 1991, we began our day care program with only one child enrolled. Once the focus changed from one of “money” to that of “ministry”, the enrollment began to increase. Calvary Christian Academy soon evolved which promoted Christian values and academic excellence. As a result, an education wing was added and dedicated in honor of the late Bishop Leslie Francisco II, who received eternal rest from his labor on December 13, 1992.