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Lesley Francisco McClendon serves as Senior Pastor and her husband Caleb serves as the assistant pastor at C3 – Calvary Community Church in Hampton, VA. The dynamic duo teaches with vigor and passion, but aims to deliver powerful, life-altering messages with their simple, easy to comprehend delivery. Born in Mississippi, Pastor Caleb cannot help but to be a southern gentleman, especially to his beautiful wife, Pastor Lesley. His laid-back approach in ministry is more similar to motivational speaking, encouraging and probing the minds ofpeople who simply just want to live victoriously. Throughout the entirety of his life, creative expression has been of the utmost importance. From poet and rapper, to graphic designer, Caleb creatively fills the space of any canvas or room.

Born into a family that has been doing ministry for generations, Pastor Lesley could hardly see herself doing anything else but preaching. The little girl standing on top of the bunk bed, pretending to speak to crowds, has morphed into a sensational and powerful teacher that is doing the very thing she saw for herself a couple decades ago. Lesley has a passion for bridging generational gaps and loves speaking to a broad range of audiences, although she often says that mid-twenties to mid-life crisis is her sweet spot. Teaching and motivational speaking oozes out of her pores, but constantly learning is at her core. Soon to complete her doctorate at Duke University, the quest for knowledge will not stop at another degree. Witty, spontaneous, comedic, and ever-evolving, Pastor Lesley seeks to stay on the cutting edge, while staying true and firm on the solid foundation her parents, Bishop L.W. Francisco III and Dr. Natalie Francisco have formed. To learn more about Pastor Lesley Francisco McClendon, please visit her personal website

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Bishop L.W. III & Dr. Natalie Francisco , serve as Lead Pastors at C3 – Calvary Community Church, in Hampton, Virginia. Together they have etched their mark into the Hampton Roads area with the establishment of a Daycare, Christian Academy, Bible College, television and radio ministries, and the planting of multiple churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their favorite accomplishment, however, would have to be their three beautiful daughters, as well as their 2 grandchildren, with plenty more on the way. Expanding upon the pastoral vision of his father Bishop Leslie Walker II, C3’s lead pastor, Bishop L.W. Francisco III, has become one of the greatest influencers within the Tidewater area. While spiritual awakening and nourishing are crucial, he aims to challenge and nurture all facets of people, equipping the minds of God’s children to be well-rounded members of society. A powerhouse preacher, mentor, and entrepreneur, Bishop Francisco believes we are called by God to be “legacy makers and curse breakers,” fully tapping into the potential placed within us. He believes that it is never too late to chase dreams, or rise above mediocrity in life. Upon his children transitioning from childhood to adulthood he sought out his pilot’s license and made a promise to himself that he would not only speak all over the world, but would enjoy the view from the skies as well.

An educator, world traveler, musician, tastemaker, and a phenomenal motivator, Dr. Natalie has always aimed to either be excellent at what she chooses to do, or not do it at all. Although she teaches and ministers to all people, regardless of age or gender, she feels called to inspire and liberate women, emphasizing their importance and role in society as individuals, and not just as partners or spouses. Dr. Natalie has devoted her life to not only speaking into the lives of people, but also to leaving an indelible mark through her published works. She has been the school principal to the thousands of children that have graduated from the Academy she and her husband founded, and now she continues to broaden the horizons and minds of countless others all over the globe. To learn more about Dr. Natalie Francisco, please visit her personal website